3 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom Mirror

The mirror in your bathroom may be one of the largest – and yet least special – of all the features in your bathroom. Many homeowners are still looking at themselves through the classic, frameless, builder grade mirrors that come standard in most homes. If you have one of these mirrors, there are countless ways you could update it to make it your own. Our team at Clinton Glass wants to help you customize your bathroom to your own taste. So not only can we we repair or replace any … Continued

What Type of Shower Door Is Right for You?

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your bathroom without doing a full remodel? Upgrading your shower door can make a huge difference in your space. Clinton Glass of Connecticut is committed to helping you create the bathroom of your dreams by offering three different types of shower doors that are fully customizable and built to the dimensions of your current space. We’ll work with you through the whole process to make sure you’ll be happy with the final glass door product.

4 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas

A bathroom remodel can cost quite a bit of money. A new vanity, some flooring, and that custom shower can add up quickly. When you’re on a home-improvement budget, you have to be judicious about which changes to make. You also want to consider cheap tricks to modernize your bathroom without having to completely gut it. At Clinton Glass of Connecticut, we have helped out with enough bathroom remodels to offer a few tricks of the trade we’ve observed.

How to Fix a Broken Mirror

Rarely does anyone set out to break a mirror. Maybe you accidentally ran your car mirror into the mailbox backing up, or you lost your grip on your hairbrush while singing “Shake It Off” post-shower. How your mirror was broken is less of a concern than the question, “Well, now what?”

Mirrors, Mirrors

The mirror is no doubt one of the most utilized fixtures in any home. Mirrors keep us informed and even entertained by the way we look at times. If it weren’t for mirrors in our bathrooms or cars we would be driving in a ditch with toothpaste all over our face. Mirrors take care of you; make sure you take care of them.

Designing a Bathroom That Shines

Several homeowners design a bathroom that they hope will sparkle and shine. They want a room that is crisp, clean, and glistens. The reasons most strive for this look is because of the glamorous and luxurious feel that sparkling bathrooms give off. What people may not realize is that the shine comes from the bathroom surfaces reflecting light. Some of the best materials that do this are shower glass doors, mirrors, chrome and porcelain, as well as highly polished stone. Here are some ways to incorporate these materials into your … Continued