Winter is here in Connecticut, the holidays are on their way, and before you know it, it will be the New Year. New Year’s resolutions can be a great way to focus your goals for the coming year, and reflect on ways to improve on the past. You may have even made some for yourself, whether it be to get to the gym more often or to add more green to your diet. Resolutions are for self improvement, so why not set resolutions for your home to improve its overall look, quality, and potential value. That’s why our team at Clinton Glass has put together a list of 3 New Year’s resolutions to think about for your home!

New Year's Resolutions for Your Home

1. Declutter Your Home

This is one that many of us dread. We find ourselves saying, “But what if I need this one day?” Take the time to decide what you really need and what you could get rid of. Even take the time to donate unwanted goods to charity. Once your home is free of clutter and chaos, it will look better than ever before!

2. Update Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Updating your kitchen and bathrooms can add an enormous amount of value to your home. Consider updating your kitchen countertops to turn a rather dull kitchen into a statement room. Also, at Clinton Glass, we are experts in installing custom mirrors to greatly improve your bathroom.

3. Keep Out the Cold

Winter weather can take a toll on your home. Make sure your home is prepared for the chilly temperatures. You can do this by sealing up cracks, adding needed insulation, and making sure your windows are up to standard. If window repairs are needed, make sure to get them repaired or replaced before winter really hits.

Don’t neglect your house as you head into the New Year. Along with your own personal goals, set reasonable resolutions for your home to improve its safety and value. Contact the experts at Clinton Glass today at (860) 664-3711 for a quote on all your window improvement needs.