Enjoy the fresh air and save money when you have screen doors or window screens installed by Clinton Glass. Why spend money on AC?  During the autumn and spring seasons, let the natural Connecticut breeze flow into your home and cool off you and your family. An afternoon full of New England fresh air is an afternoon well spent. For a free estimate on any Connecticut screen door or window screening service, please contact us at (860) 664-3711 today.

Various Types of Screen Doors

Along with typical Larson screen doors, Clinton Glass will install a variety of other screens, including sliding screen doors, single and pull-down screen doors, storm screen doors, retractable screen doors, window screens, fine-mesh screens, and even dog screen doors.

Screen Door CT   Connecticut Screen Doors

These options are fully functional and useful for more than nature’s ventilation. For instance, fine-mesh screens are perfect options for waterfront properties to keep sand, dirt, and fleas out of your Connecticut home. Pet screen doors are also different than normal screens as they are highly resistant to rips caused by family pets. Specifically made to keep Rufus in or out, each screen pet door is made from durable nylon mesh. Have confidence that your dog won’t be tearing through your screen door when he sees a squirrel.

Let the Breeze in, Keep Pests Out With Window Screens

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Sunroom and Patio Screen Doors

Clinton Glass is committed to every project, and that goes for larger sunroom and porch or patio screen door projects as well. Whether you need to install new screens or replace old ones on your sunroom or patio, you can put the project in our capable hands. Our many years of experience allow us to perform all our work quickly without compromising quality. As one of the most respected screen door installation and glass door businesses along the Southern Connecticut coast, we are committed to providing the entire New Haven, New London, and Middlesex areas as well as the surrounding areas with excellent service and products. Along with screens, we also do work on glass shower doors, mirrors, and glass for commercial properties. For a free quote on any glass or screen service, or to obtain more information please contact us at (860) 664-3711.