Rarely does anyone set out to break a mirror. Maybe you accidentally ran your car mirror into the mailbox backing up, or you lost your grip on your hairbrush while singing “Shake It Off” post-shower. How your mirror was broken is less of a concern than the question, “Well, now what?”


Whether or not you believe a broken mirror is bad luck, it’s never fun to see that first crack. Many people think that if a mirror breaks that it’s time for a new mirror, but that’s not necessarily the case. Instead, you can look into mirror repair from glass experts like Clinton Glass.

A broken mirror may be repairable, depending on the type and severity of the break. Whenever possible, we try to make mirror repair a priority, taking residential, commercial, and even car mirrors from cracked to like new. We have even been known to repair custom-made mirrors to look like new.

However, if your mirror is beyond repair—especially if it’s shattered or poses a safety hazard—then we at Clinton Glass can also make you a brand new mirror. We specialize in a wide range of mirrors, from dressing room mirrors to auto glass mirrors, we have done it all. If you’re rejoicing that your old bathroom mirror broke and you’re ready for an updated style, we can do that too.

To find out whether your mirror can be repaired or to get a mirror replacement quote, contact Clinton Glass of Connecticut today at (860) 664-3711. We serve the areas of New London and New Haven, CT and can assess your mirror and give you a free estimate—both for repair (if possible) and for installation of a new mirror.

photo credit: untitled via photopin (license)