The mirror in your bathroom may be one of the largest – and yet least special – of all the features in your bathroom. Many homeowners are still looking at themselves through the classic, frameless, builder grade mirrors that come standard in most homes. If you have one of these mirrors, there are countless ways you could update it to make it your own. Our team at Clinton Glass wants to help you customize your bathroom to your own taste. So not only can we we repair or replace any mirror in your home, we’ve also made a list of ways for you to dress them up for an updated look. Upgrade Your Bathroom Mirror

1. Frame It

Perhaps the easiest and most obvious way to upgrade a frameless mirror is to frame it. You could try wooden boards, molding, or even minimalist metal brackets, for a modern look. Framing your mirror can take it from plain to interesting without putting a ton of work into your bathroom. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how the frame can pull your bathroom space together.

2. Add Shelves

Adding shelves under your mirror not only customizes your space, but can also add storage if you’re low on countertop space. Try adding a thin, low-profile shelf directly below the mirror to anchor the glass and make the entire bathroom feel more customized. Another option would be to install a horizontal shelf over a round mirror to break up a mirror that might be too large for the space while also adding warmth to the cool surface of the mirror.

3. Add Lighting

When adding light around your bathroom mirror, the goal is not only to add style to your space, but also to eliminate shadows under your chin, eyes, and cheeks so you’re able to groom properly. In order to eliminate these shadows, we recommend you mount lights on either side of the vanity mirror. The most common mistake people make is putting recessed ceiling fixtures directly over the mirror. These cast shadows on the face, making daily grooming rituals more difficult. With statewide service in Connecticut, Clinton Glass is your source for all things glass and mirror. We also do work on shower doors, commercial glass, and screen doors for all the residents and business owners in Clinton, Connecticut. To receive a free quote on any custom mirror project, contact us today at (860) 664-3711.