A small bathroom can make you feel a little claustrophobic during your morning shower. Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean you have to feel trapped when using it, though. Make the most out of your small bathroom! There are plenty of options to make your bathroom feel bigger, without shelling out the cash for an expensive bathroom remodel. Here are a few ways to use space efficiently and give your bathroom a more spacious feel… Windows: Utilize any windows you may have in your bathroom and let in as much natural light as possible. Natural light isn’t just soothing; it makes a room look bigger and brighter. Nix the Tub: If you don’t often find yourself lying in the tub for a long soak, get rid of it! Showers take up much less floor space than a bathtub and are a much better way to clean yourself than sitting in your own filth. Mirrors: Hanging an extra mirror or two in the bathroom can create the optical illusion of more space, and mirrors reflect and distribute any natural light that finds its way in. No matter what you do to improve the scope of your bathroom, don’t be overwhelmed by its small stature. There are plenty of options to make it feel more spacious. Plus, next time you get depressed about your bite-sized bathroom, consider how much less cleaning you do than someone with an opulent, size-of-a-small-airplane-hangar bathroom. Www.clintonglassct.com has everything you need to make your small bathroom feel bigger. Our experienced, knowledgeable crew can install windows and shower doors, fix mirrors, and even repair auto glass. Contact Clinton Glass today at 860-669-1050 and let us help you turn your tiny bathroom into a dream spa.