In today’s world of YouTube tutorials and online forums, home improvement projects have become very DIY. However, while it’s great to get your hands dirty and complete projects yourself, there are still some that are better left to the professionals. At Clinton Glass, we love seeing homeowners complete their own projects and learn new skills, but we do encourage you to leave large glass projects to us. Listed below are three reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to replace large glass mirrors or windows yourself.

Reasons To Hire a Professional Glass Installer

1. The Glass Could Break

Handling glass of any kind will always come with the risk of breaking. However, when you’re handling large pieces of glass, the risk is higher, and the result of it breaking is more dangerous. Many builder-grade bathroom mirrors are quite large and not very thick, making them very susceptible to breaking when handled. Additionally, these types of mirrors are often installed with a generous amount of adhesive and are difficult to remove. Broken glass is the last thing you need to worry about during your renovation project.

2. Professionals Have the Right Tools

If you’ve completed DIY home improvement projects in the past, you understand the importance of having the right tools for the job. Tools are especially important when using the wrong tools could lead to serious injury. A professional has the right tools to safely remove large pieces of glass and safely install new glass in its place. Without these tools, you may be tempted to use a pry bar or other tools that could easily result in broken glass and injuries.

3. Adding Unnecessary Work

Depending on the type of renovation you plan to complete, it’s likely that removing or installing glass is a small part of it. Simply replacing a mirror in a bathroom is a small job for a professional, but may take hours or days of your time. Trying to remove a large mirror yourself is not only dangerous, but could result in damage to the wall that you will now have to repair. Save yourself the unnecessary headache and leave this job to the pros.

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