You’ve been adding up the numbers, and you’re tired of seeing your hard-earned money disappear to your utility bills each month. And you know the culprit: those old, inefficient windows. At Clinton Glass, we know that it’s hard to swallow the initial cost of replacement windows. However, let us give you a few reasons why the benefits outweigh the price tag.

Save Money with Replacement Windows

1. Your DIY fixes aren’t working.

You’ve tried weather sealing your windows and closing curtains during the day, but these methods for keeping heat within your home just aren’t making a difference. The culprit is likely very inefficient windows, and replacement windows may be your best bet moving forward. The Environmental Protection Agency reports, “New, energy-efficient windows eventually pay for themselves through lower heating and cooling costs, and sometimes even lighting costs.”

2. You WILL break even.

Yes, you will have to put down a good chunk of money to buy replacement windows. However, by choosing the right windows for your Connecticut home, you will (in time) break even. In fact, reports that homeowners can experience a 12 percent decrease in utility bills on average just by replacing windows with ENERGY STAR certified windows.

3. You may be eligible for rebates or tax credits.

Many homeowners don’t realize that they may be eligible for getting some money back when replacing old windows with energy efficient ones. In fact, many communities have local rebate programs, or you may qualify for federal tax credits for getting new windows. To find out what’s available in your area, ask your utilities provider about money-saving programs.

Want to find out what replacement windows will cost you? Contact Clinton Glass today at (860) 664-3711. Our team would be glad to help you find the right replacement windows for your New Haven or New London, CT, home, saving you money as you battle the East Coast weather.



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