Enjoy Warm Weather with a Screen Door

When spring finally arrives (and sticks around) in Connecticut, you’re ready to let that warm sunshine flood your home. You want to basque in the sun’s rays, hoping it will help you thaw from the chill of winter. At Clinton Glass, many of our New London and New Haven customers are already enjoying the ease of opening up their replacement windows. However, to maximize the fresh air and sun, we recommend that you also consider installing a new screen door.

Replace Your Windows This Spring

Winter in Connecticut can be long and brutal. You spend a good amount of time indoors, looking out the window and enjoying the fact that you’re warm and inside. However, all that staring out the window has made you realize just how old and drafty those windows really are. Maybe it’s time to give Clinton Glass a call to get a free quote on replacement windows.

3 Ways to Enhance Energy Efficiency

When you sit down to do your budget, you hate designating so much money toward utilities. You have about a thousand other ways you’d rather spend your money—and we don’t blame you. If you’re looking for ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency (and therefore decrease your utility bills), consider these few tips from our team at Clinton Glass.

The Value of a New Glass Door

You’ve been staring at your front door for a while now. Every time you walk past or pull out of your driveway, you just can’t shake the feeling like something is missing. But what could it be? You love your existing front door, but you know it needs something extra. Maybe it needs a secondary glass door, and here’s why.

4 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas

A bathroom remodel can cost quite a bit of money. A new vanity, some flooring, and that custom shower can add up quickly. When you’re on a home-improvement budget, you have to be judicious about which changes to make. You also want to consider cheap tricks to modernize your bathroom without having to completely gut it. At Clinton Glass of Connecticut, we have helped out with enough bathroom remodels to offer a few tricks of the trade we’ve observed.

New Windows for Your New Home

Whether you’re new to the area or are deciding to put down roots, we’re so glad you’ve decide to make Connecticut your home. Buying a new house (whether it’s completely new or new to you) is exciting, and you want your new place to be just perfect. However, if you’re purchasing an older home, it may come with a bit of a to-do list. If one of those items on your list is new windows, Clinton Glass can help you out.

Create a Custom Shower

You’re embarking on a bathroom remodel, and one of the top items on your to-do list is a custom shower. The bathroom’s current fiberglass shell is long past its prime, and you want a shower that’s modern and spacious. You’re dreaming about ceiling-to-floor tile, rain showerhead, a shower bench, and a beautiful, frameless, glass shower door.

Where to Invest Your Remodeling Dollars

Home remodeling isn’t cheap, and you want to use your remodeling budget wisely. But how do you decide between functional fixes (like window replacement) and design upgrades (like those hardwood floors you’ve been eyeing)? Most Connecticut home owners want to see their remodeling dollars at work: an updated kitchen, crown moldings, frameless shower doors, or rain showerheads in the bathroom. These features are certainly more “showy” than a new roof or replacement windows.

Upgrade Your Master Bath

Whether you’re selling your home or are ready for a change, consider whether your master bathroom is in need of an update. Many people want their master bath to be a retreat after a long, hard day. But is your bathroom the modern oasis you desire? We at Clinton Glass — Connecticut’s premier glasswork professional — have a few tips for how to update your master bath. 1. Think neutral. Gray, brown, and white tones are popular choices when remodeling your bathroom. Not only are they calm, but they also … Continued

Door Glass Replacement & Installation

No two doors are exactly alike, and not all door installation companies in Connecticut can custom fit your door—whether residential or commercial. However, at Clinton Glass, we specialize in getting you the door you need that’s uniquely fitted to your space. If you want a door replacement or installation quote, our service team can give you a free consultation and estimate. Even if you’re in the process of remodeling, we can take your measurements and give you an idea of what a custom-built door, door glass replacement, or standard door … Continued