Spring is here and temperatures are rising. After climbing energy bills in the winter months due to heating your Connecticut home, you’ll want to stretch the warm-but-not-too-hot spring months as long as you can to save on costs. Here are some great tips to save on energy from the team at Clinton Glass.

Lower Energy Costs in the Spring with a Window Replacement

Open Your Home

As temperatures begin to heat up, you may be eyeing your air conditioner. But the longer you can go without turning on your system the more you’ll save on your energy bills. Open up your windows and doors (if you’ve got a screen door) and let the breeze through. Not only will this help keep your home cooler, it’s a great way to air out your house after the winter months.

Use Fans Correctly

Ceiling fans and other small fans are a great way to keep yourself cooler on warmer days. The important thing to remember, however, is that fans do not actually lower the temperature of the rooms in your home. Fans keep you cool by the wind chill effect. So as you move from room to room in your house, it is a good idea to turn the fans off when no longer occupying that space to cut unnecessary energy usage.

Get a Smart Thermostat

Eventually, temperatures will likely reach a point that necessitates turning on your air conditioner. With a smart thermostat, your system can “learn” how to properly cool your house by raising and lowering the setting automatically to keep you comfortable and save on your bill. Additionally, most smart thermostats will have an eco-mode that will also assist you in cutting back on energy spending.

Want to make your home even more energy efficient? It may be time for a full window replacement and Clinton Glass is ready to help. We can also help with glass doors, shower doors, and mirrors. You can contact us today over the phone at (860) 664-3711 to receive a quote.