Have you been considering a home window replacement? Well, consider no longer! Fall is the perfect time to undertake this home improvement. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of replacing your home’s windows this fall from the team at Clinton Glass.

Benefits to Home Window Replacement in the Fall

Perfect Weather

In addition to letting light into your home and providing you with a view of your surroundings, your windows also serve to control your home’s temperature. When you replace your windows, you must understand that there won’t be any windows in your house for at least the day that they are installed. That would result in your home being extra hot in the summer or shockingly cold in the winter. Both of those cases mean higher energy bills to heat or cool your home while the windows are replaced. Take advantage of the perfect fall temperatures to have your windows replaced.

Necessary Before Winter

In Clinton, the average temperature in the dead of winter is below freezing. Even the “warm” winter days are under 40 degrees. This is why you should not wait any longer to replace your windows. Quality windows will help keep your home properly insulated and at a comfortable temperature. You’ll also enjoy lower energy costs throughout the winter.

Receive a Tax Break

Did you know that you can get money deducted from your taxes if you buy energy-efficient products for your home? Yes, you can receive tax benefits when you undertake specific home renovations, despite what you may have heard. You can receive this rebate before the end of the fiscal year by replacing your windows in the fall, and you can utilize them to your advantage on April 15th! That serves as another great reason for beginning the transition to a greener home.

Whether you need your windows replaced, a new glass shower door, or a new mirror, Clinton Glass has you covered. We are committed to serving the communities of New Haven, New London, and beyond. Contact us today at (860) 664-3711 to request a quote.