Screen DoorWhen spring finally arrives (and sticks around) in Connecticut, you’re ready to let that warm sunshine flood your home. You want to basque in the sun’s rays, hoping it will help you thaw from the chill of winter. At Clinton Glass, many of our New London and New Haven customers are already enjoying the ease of opening up their replacement windows. However, to maximize the fresh air and sun, we recommend that you also consider installing a new screen door.

Why get a screen door?

If you’ve never had a screen door, let us share a few of the benefits. A new screen door allows you to open any exterior door so that the fresh air and sunshine can flood your CT home. Even if you can’t go out in the spring weather, you can let it come in as you work, make dinner, or fold laundry. Plus, if you have kids, having a screen door installed on any doors connecting to your backyard is a huge help. You can keep making dinner or relaxing in the living room while still keeping an ear out for kids at play. Plus, during the transitional seasons of spring and fall, having a screen door can help you let cool or warm air into your home without having to turn on the thermostat (thus saving you money in utilities).

What are my screen door options?

At Clinton Glass, we can customize a screen door to your specifications. You may decide to install or replace a screen door on any exterior door, including your front door. You can choose from sliding doors, pet-resistant doors, fine mesh, retractable, storm screen doors, and more. To find out which options might be best for your home, all you have to do is get a free quote from our professional staff.

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photo credit: ntm1909 via flickr license