This winter in Connecticut has been brutal, and many residents are more than ready to welcome spring weather. With warmer weather on the horizon, Clinton Glass is here to help you find more ways to enjoy those fresh spring breezes with a new screened- in porch or sunroom.  At Clinton Glass, we provide the highest quality of work and use the best Provia and Larson screens on the market.

Breakfast Nook

A favorite option for many is to turn your sunroom into a breakfast nook. Add a table, and it becomes a special place for you to enjoy your morning coffee and start your day in the sunlight. Because the room is fully screened-in, you can eat your breakfast without having to worry about bugs or too much wind or other natural elements you might not appreciate in your bagel.


If your idea of a relaxing afternoon is to curl up with a book or a crossword puzzle, consider doing it in the comfort of your new sunroom! Add some comfortable chairs and side tables, and all it would be missing is you; maybe even curl up and take a catnap in the fresh air.

Indoor Gardening

Do you have a green thumb? Are potted plants your favorite hobby? Your sunroom would be a great and convenient place to keep your potted plants to ensure you are able to care for them daily. As you might have guessed from the name, sunrooms generally get plenty of sun, so choose your plants accordingly, and watch them flourish!


Sunroom Installation

Resale Value

For the reasons listed above, a sunroom is a highly attractive feature to potential buyers. Enjoy the sunroom now, and reap the financial reward later.

Clinton Glass is a family-owned Connecticut business providing sunroom window installation and repairs, door-glass replacement, screen door replacement, and more. We serve the communities of Clinton, New London, New Haven, and the surrounding areas. Contact Clinton Glass today at (860) 664-3711 to begin making spring plans for your new sunroom.