Frameless Glass ShowerYou’re in the process of remodeling your master bathroom. You’ve waited a long time to do it and do it right, and one of the main features of your space is going to be that custom shower. You have thought it all through: rain shower head, floor-to-ceiling tile, and even a built-in radio shower. However, you’ve been wavering when it comes to the shower door. Which one is right for you?

Well, let our team at Clinton Glass give you a few reasons why a frameless glass shower door may be just want you need.

1. Achieve a modern design.

Frameless glass—as opposed to traditional shower doors with a metal frame—look sleek and modern. They have straight lines that appeal to more updated design styles and give your bathroom more of a spa-like feel.

2. Maximize your space.

No matter what size your bathroom is, a frameless glass shower door gives your bathroom a more open feel. Your square footage doesn’t appear to stop at the shower but extends to the exterior walls.

3. Custom fit to your shower.

You have designed a shower just for you and your space. Any old shower door you can pick up from the home-improvement store just won’t do. You need a frameless glass shower door that’s made for your specific dimensions and style.

At Clinton Glass, we make frameless glass shower doors that are custom fit for your shower. We can design a door that’s modern, unique, and built to last. All you have to do to get started is to contact us anytime at (860) 664-3711. Our team at Clinton Glass has been helping residents in Clinton, New London, and New Haven, CT, with all their residential and commercial glass needs since 1997.