Has the Connecticut weather got the better of you? Perhaps like our team here at Clinton Glass, you’re ready for spring to get here already. You’re ready to throw open your windows and drink in that fresh, fantastic air. As you prep for spring, you may also be thinking about all the ways you can update your home. Let us help! Here are some of the top three ways that our qualified and professional team can bring transformation to your New London or New Haven home.

Spring in Connecticut

1. Window Replacement

How are you going to throw open those windows if they’re stuck tight? Old windows can be a huge burden. Plus, they tend to just leak money due to inefficiency. One of our first suggestions, if your windows are past their prime or damaged. is to consider window replacement. If you have relatively new windows but have a few that are in need of repair, we can do that too.

2. Frameless Shower Glass

What’s the benefit of frameless shower glass when all you want to do is be outside? Part of enjoying the outdoors means that you tend to get a little dirtier, and perhaps you increase the number of showers you take. You’ll enjoy those showers more if you have beautiful frameless glass that not only makes your bathroom look bigger but also more modern.

3. Door Screen

Remember that fresh air we talked about? Welcome in not only the spring breeze but also your friends and neighbors with a new screen door. You may decide to install one on your front door, but you can also install one in the back, which is great if you have kids who will be playing in the backyard.

Ready to get some spring renovations on the calendar? Contact Clinton Glass today at (860) 664-3711 to get a free quote. We’d be glad to answer all your questions and usher in spring together.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay