spring in ConnecticutConnecticut winters can be brutal, and many residents are ready to welcome milder spring weather. Maybe you can already smell the fresh air after a spring rain or feel the warm breeze on an April afternoon. What better way to usher in a new season than with new screen doors from Clinton Glass?

Installing screen doors is a great way to open up your home after a long winter. Springtime in Connecticut is the perfect season to turn off your HVAC and just let the fresh, mild air freshen up your living space. Maybe it will even inspire you to do a little spring cleaning!

You have many screen door options from Clinton Glass. Our inventory includes sliding screen doors, single screen doors, storm screen doors, and more. We even have a pet screen door so you and Mr. Pooch can enjoy the fresh air without you worrying that your pup will break through it at the sight of a stray cat.

If your CT home already has screen doors but they’re in need of repair, Clinton Glass also offers screen-door-repair service. A screen-door repair is generally less expensive than a new screen-door installation. With these savings, you can get those replacement windows or the frameless shower door you’ve been wanting for your master bath.

Clinton Glass is a family-owned Connecticut business providing screen-door installation and repairs, door-glass replacement, window replacement, and more. We serve the communities of Clinton, New London, New Haven, and the surrounding areas. Contact Clinton Glass today at (860) 664-3711 to begin making spring plans for your new screen door.

photo credit: verger pêcher via photopin (license)