Door Glass RepairOften homeowners wonder whether to repair door glass that is slightly cracked or chipped. Is it really worth the time and money? At Clinton Glass, we see a number of broken or cracked windows each week. We understand the deliberation between getting a repair on a door that seems to still be functioning and getting it fixed fast.

As a leading residential and commercial glass company in the area, allow us to share a few reasons why you might consider door glass repair services sooner rather than later.

1. Safety

A small crack may not seem like a big deal—until it is. The fact is that cracked glass has been compromised. It is no longer as sturdy as it once was, so another bump or door slam could result in broken glass. This glass could pose a hazard, especially if you have young children or pets in the house.

2. Efficiency

A front door with broken glass isn’t as energy efficient. The bigger the crack, the more air or moisture that might be getting into the glass or even your home. For peak energy efficiency, you need to have a front door with glass that’s fully intact to seal out the elements.

3. Curb Appeal

Let’s face it: When your front door is damaged, it’s just not as welcoming to neighbors, family, and friends who stop by. While that might work out in your favor with door-to-door salesmen, you don’t want your front door to say “get away” to people you want to welcome into your home. Fixing that glass can cure this curb appeal issue.

At Clinton Glass, we’re experts in fixing residential and commercial door glass. Our team is both knowledgeable and skilled in making sure it’s done right the first time. To find out more about our service or to schedule your door glass replacement, contact us at (860) 664-3711. Our team serves homeowners throughout the greater New London and New Haven, CT, areas.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay