Choosing a glass patio door seems simple enough until you try to do it. There are countless options and considerations to be made, and it can get overwhelming fast. As you begin to research which type of patio door is right for you, think about how much natural light you want to let in, what kind of view of your backyard you want, and what type of style you want to add to the backside of your house. At Clinton Glass, we have experience with all types of doors, and today we’re discussing two popular choices: French doors and sliding glass doors.

Sliding Doors Vs. French Doors

French Doors

French doors are a popular choice because you can opt to open one door at a time or both for a wider entrance. This is made possible because French doors open from the middle and are placed on hinges. They typically let less light in than a sliding door, but the loss of light is often worth it for the stunning design they bring to a home.

French doors are usually thought of as a classic or traditional design choice, however, more modern French doors have become available in the past few years. Modern French doors do not have the classic grid look and can have a variety of frame and hardware options to fit the homeowner’s aesthetic. However, it’s important to keep in mind that French doors do require a significant amount of space to open fully, so you’ll need to evaluate your available space before choosing French doors.

Sliding Doors

With sliding doors, the homeowner can choose between two doors sliding in opposite directions from the center, or have doors that slide over one another in one direction. They are composed of large panels of glass and can provide uninterrupted expansive views. No additional floor space is needed to accommodate a sliding door, and there is no risk of slamming fingers in the doors or getting caught in hinges. This makes sliding doors an ideal choice for homeowners with small children or older adults as they are quite easy and safe to operate. Sliding doors give the home a contemporary, modern look as they emulate sophistication with the full-glass look.

Ultimately, you cannot go wrong with French or sliding glass doors for your Connecticut home. If you’re still unsure, contact the experts at Clinton Glass at (860) 664-3711 for more information and a free estimate.