The housing market has been hot this summer and many sellers are taking advantage of the high demand to sell their homes quickly. However, even though there has been a high demand for houses on the market, it is still necessary to make certain improvements before you list. In order to sell your house for a great price, you need to take steps to make it desirable for potential home buyers. At Clinton Glass, we’ve made this list of quick improvements you should make before you list.

How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

1. Replace Screens

Imagine walking through an open house and noticing holes in every screen. You’d probably be pretty turned off by the sight, wouldn’t you? Before you list your home, evaluate the current state of your window screens. Maybe your kids broke one or two of them when they were trying to look out the window. Or perhaps your pets have scratched and clawed their way through the upstairs window screens trying to chase a bird. The fact is, screens are inexpensive and relatively easy to fix, so make sure you take the time to replace them before listing your home.

2. Upgrade Knobs and Pulls

Another easy and inexpensive upgrade to complete before listing is replacing the hardware on your cabinets. If your cabinets don’t currently have knobs and pulls, add them! Potential home buyers will appreciate the updated look and convenience when checking out your kitchen. If your kitchen or bathroom already has hardware, take the time to upgrade it. You can change the finish to a more modern look, or simply replace old, worn knobs with new ones. Your kitchen will pop, not only when viewed in person, but also in the pictures that are included in your listing.

3. Paint

Finally, before you list your home, consider adding a fresh coat of paint. Because, while your daughter may love her pink bedroom, potential buyers may not feel the same way. Fresh paint also adds an element of cleanliness to the home that may otherwise be missing. Potential buyers don’t want to see the marks made by your son running his toy car into the wall or the food stains your toddler left when he threw his dinner. While it’s true that paint is cosmetic and often not a deal breaker for buyers, they will appreciate not having to paint as soon as they move in.

If replacing your screens is a job you need done before listing your Connecticut home this fall, contact the experts at Clinton Glass today at (860) 664-3711. We look forward to serving you!