Tired of your old flimsy shower curtain? Shower curtains sometimes provide minimum cover and allow water to drip all over your bathroom floor. If you’re frustrated with having to dry yourself and your bathroom floor after each shower, you may want to consider installing a shower door. Which type of glass shower door is right for you? Sliding Sliding shower doors are the most common variety and are a great choice for smaller bathrooms. They take up little space because the door itself is contained within the shower unit. This type of shower door is more aesthetically pleasing than shower curtains and doesn’t swing open and invade the rest of the bathroom space. Bi-fold Bi-fold shower doors are also ideal for smaller bathrooms. These shower doors open and close like an accordion, with multiple bends in the frame. These doors work very well in a constricted space. Be aware, however, that these shower doors are significantly more difficult to clean and have the possibility of being twisted and stuck on the door’s track. Swinging Swinging shower doors do exactly what the name implies. If you have ample space in your bathroom and like to make elaborate entrances and exits when showering, this kind of shower door is perfect for you. The professionals at Clinton Glass are well-equipped to handle whichever shower door you decide on to replace that old shower curtain. We don’t just do shower doors, either. If you need a new storm door, replacement window, or even auto glass; Clinton Glass has you covered. Contact us today and let us help you get started on your next glass project.