Why are spas so relaxing? Spas are appealing for their luxurious amenities and sleek designs. Most spas have straightforward layouts, uncluttered spaces, and modern appliances.

Living rooms and kitchens can be designed with ornate fabrics and colorful décor, but a bathroom design should be simple. For those days when you want to take a bubble bath and unwind, a tranquil bathroom can be just as relaxing as a spa environment. At Clinton Glass, we offer these five design tips for turning your drab bathroom into the ultimate spa haven:

  1. Basic design: Perhaps your bathroom doesn’t exactly come off as “tranquil.” A bathroom with a lot of colors can be too busy. Stick to a single color accent, or go for a neutral palette. Clutter can also create a disorderly room, so it’s time to clean your bathroom surfaces, and leave out only the daily necessities. If you notice cracked or chipped mirrors, our experts can install new custom mirrors.
  2. Good linens: Spa owners know the secret for making a bathroom universally appealing – white fluffy towels. To make your bathroom feel like a spa, invest in some quality linens. White linens are easy to clean because they can be bleached.
  3. Accessibility: Spas are also designed with accessibility in mind. From plush robes to hand towels, everything is within reach. Install hooks next to your shower to hang linens and clothes. Toilet paper organizers also add storage space and decorative interest.
  4. Fine Details: Even though spas feature simplistic designs, they also have a few fine details. You can get new crystal knobs for your cabinets or have custom tile installed. Don’t be afraid to get creative.
  5. Luxurious Amenities: Of course, what would a spa be without luxurious amenities? Recreate a spa-like atmosphere by addressing any outdated areas. If your shower looks old-fashioned, invest in a new shower head and glass structure. New technology like heated floors can also make your bathroom feel like paradise.
If you need to add more appeal to a bathroom in your Connecticut home, our professionals at Clinton Glass can assist you. To receive a free estimate, contact us at 860-664-3711.