As colder temperatures set in, Connecticut homeowners are once again lamenting their drafty old windows. Connecticut is replete with Victorian mansions, old brick ramblers, and classic Cape Cod-style homes. Older homes are charming and beautiful, but often they come with their fair share of problems, including drafty windows. If this is your situation, our team at Clinton Glass has four tips to warm up your house and save on utility bills this winter.

CT Replacement Windows

1. Weatherstripping

For drafty windows, the addition of weatherstripping is a critical first step. As windows age, they often shrink and no longer fit in the frame, leaving gaps for cold air to seep in. Adding weatherstripping to the sash, windowsill, and casing can effectively prevent cold air from leaking in around the window, thus improving your home’s heat-retaining efficiency.

2. Apply Plastic Film

Clear plastic window film can be purchased at most hardware stores. This inexpensive shrink film is applied with the heat of a hair dryer and double sided tape. Applying plastic film to your windows can allow a room to retain as much as 55 percent of its heat, significantly improving the efficiency of the window. 

3. Draft Snakes

If you feel cold air coming in through the windowsill, try adding weatherstripping along the bottom edge of the window. If this doesn’t solve the problem, adding a draft snake is another easy, affordable option. You can purchase draft snakes from a variety of online vendors, or you can make your own. One popular method for creating a draft snake is to fill a knee sock with uncooked rice. Simply tie off the end, and place the snake against the sash.

4. Call Clinton Glass for Replacement Windows

If you have a drafty window in your home, it is likely that the window needs to be reglazed or replaced. At Clinton Glass, we have been providing the most affordable and highest quality glass work to Connecticut residents since 1997. Contact us online for a free quote on replacement windows, screen doorcommercial glass, glass shower door, and mirror projects, or call (860) 664-3711 to learn more.