Is your Connecticut home hurricane-ready? The National Weather Service has predicted that this year’s hurricane season is already underway and will last until November 30th for the Atlantic coastal regions. You may be wondering how you can protect your home against the harsh winds, water, and debris that often damages CT properties.


At Clinton Glass, we have a few suggestions for how you can prepare for the next storm.

1. Determine whether you live in a storm-surge zone.

The NWS Hurricane Center notes that storm surges—several inches of fast-moving water due to a hurricane—can knock down people and destroy properties very quickly. Most storm surges typically occur within a few miles of the coast, so know whether your property is at risk so you can take precautions and make an escape plan.

2. Secure your roof.

Experts suggest adding straps, clips, or other industrial fasteners to secure your roof on to the frame of your home. Doing so may help keep your roof on and your valuables inside from getting damaged by water and wind.

3. Install hurricane windows or panels.

Using automotive glass technology, many window companies now offer replacement windows that are shatter-resistant—even to hurricane-force winds and rain. For additional protection, you can also add shutters or panels that can cover your windows when you know a storm is coming.

Want to learn more about hurricane replacement windows or storm shutters? Clinton Glass of Clinton, CT can help you find the best solution for protecting your windows and your home. We specialize in replacement windows and custom glass solutions for homes in New London, New Haven, and the surrounding areas.

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photo credit: Ocean at Long Branch, NJ via photopin (license)