Did a recent snowball fight go bad—resulting in broken window glass? Or maybe this cold Connecticut weather has you rethinking that cracked old window in your bedroom? If you’re considering replacements windows, check out these new window-glass benefits from Clinton Glass.

1. Increased energy efficiency.

Clinton Glass chooses only quality glass for your replacement windows. You can be certain that window installation performed by our expert technicians will optimize the energy efficiency of that window—and any other glass repair in your home.

2. Look like new in no time.

When a window breaks during extreme temperatures or a bad storm, we at Clinton Glass understand that replacement windows are an urgent need. Our window installation experts do their best to get you a new window to protect you and your Connecticut home from the elements.

3. Get a much-needed update for any window.

From wooden storm windows and hurricane storm panels to that bay window in your kitchen nook, Clinton Glass knows how to replace window glass of any type of window.

Clinton Glass knows the importance of replacement windows for your home. From small window chips to a shattered picture window, we can give you an affordable price, quality workmanship, and the best customer service in New London, New Haven, or the surrounding areas of Connecticut.

To ask about our replacement window solutions or to get a quote, call Clinton Glass at (860) 664-3711, or fill out our online contact form.