Many factors go into a window installation, and it’s difficult to know whether or not your windows’ small flaws warrant a full replacement or just a few repairs. In this post, we’ve provided some tips to help you determine whether or not a window replacement should be your next home improvement project. People usually replace windows for two major reasons: energy and cost savings, and improved comfort (particularly with regards to temperature) within the home. Window replacement can also be an aesthetic choice, since older windows can appear warped or curved and obscure outside views. To help you decide whether or not a window replacement is necessary for your Connecticut home, check out the list of indicators below:
  • Condensation or mold is visible between the panes of glass. Double-pane windows are constructed with a layer of air trapped between the panes of glass, which helps reduce heat loss. Condensation or mold means that the seal holding the assembly together has broken.
  • Moisture and mold growth is taking place between frame and wall. This problem is also related to window seal failure, since it means that moisture is entering your home.
  • Your windows are old or outdated. Aged windows can become brittle over time, resulting in more breakages. Furthermore, most only have one pane of glass. Double-pane replacement windows are a wise choice for anyone struggling to keep down a high heating bill. Older windows also tend to have uneven surfaces—new windows can improve your home’s look, both inside and out.
  • You feel cold drafts during the winter. This means that cold air from outside is seeping into your home from around your windows, or through the seals within the window itself. Drafts have a negative effect not only on your comfort but also on your energy bill.
  • One of your windows has recently broken. Broken windows pose safety concerns and they contribute to your house’s heat loss. If you have a broken window, contact your glass service expert as soon as possible.
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