If you’re looking for a great way to update your home this summer, consider installing a storm door over your existing front door. A storm door can add comfort and protection to your entryway and can also add style to your home. At Clinton Glass, we understand how much New England weather can be frustrating, so we want to help you keep the weather out when you need to, and let it in the rest of the time.

Install a Storm Door

A Storm Door’s Purpose

A storm door serves many purposes that can add flexibility to your home. When the weather is nice, you can open your entry door and let in the additional light and ventilation while still keeping the bugs outside. Additionally, if you’d like the option of watching your children play but you have a solid front door, a storm door gives you that option! Finally, a storm door protects your main entry door from rain, ice, and snow and adds extra insulation against air leaks.

A Storm Door’s Style

The front entryway of your home is what makes the first impression on your guests. At Clinton Glass, we want to help you enhance your curb appeal with a stylish storm door. You can choose which level of light you’d like to let in, what type of glass you’d like, and which handle is right for your home. Storm doors can be an entire panel of glass, a mid-view, or three-quarters glass, depending on how much you want to be able to see out of it. Also, choose between clear glass or decorative to match the style of your home’s exterior.

A Storm Door’s Benefits

In addition to the benefits we’ve listed above, there are a few more reasons to install a storm door in your home. Many people like the added security they feel when they can open the front door and still have a door between them and someone who has unexpectedly rung the doorbell. Finally, a storm door will prevent mold and rot from taking hold of a wooden entry, and it frames in your Connecticut home.

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