When redesigning a bathroom, people often have a hard time deciding where to spend their budget. One of the most commonly debated topics is the shower. Should I just upgrade my shower curtain, or should I give the bathroom a whole new look with glass shower doors? Clinton Glass in Clinton, CT, can help you make the decision and provide a free estimate for glass shower doors in your bathroom.

Glass Shower Door Options

If you decide to budget for glass shower doors in your bathroom, there are a few options to consider.

  1. Frameless Shower Doors: Although the initial costs are higher than other options due to the thicker glass, these are often considered the most elegant. When you desire a refined and sophisticated atmosphere, this is the clear choice and will also increase your home’s value.
  2. Framed Shower Doors: This glass door option uses thinner glass, since it has support from the metal shower structure. Framed glass showers are more budget-friendly than frameless showers if you desire the glass look for your bathroom.
  3. Semi-frameless Shower Doors: This option is the best of both worlds, because there is some metal framing, but the whole shower isn’t framed. You still get a very sleek look and a more affordable option than a completely frameless shower.
Shower Curtain Options

If you decide to choose an upgraded shower curtain for the time being, you can still give your bathroom a whole new look. Some people who desire a more open-looking bathroom choose to use just a clear shower curtain. You can still show off a refined tub area while saving your budget for other aspects of the bathroom. If you do choose to spend your budget on other areas, don’t forget that we also help with mirrors. We can cut custom mirrors to fit around any fixtures you may have in place.

Contact us at 860-664-3711 if you’re interested in having shower glass doors or a custom mirror installed in your home. Clinton Glass offers services to New London, New Haven, and Middlesex residents. We’re ready to assist with your bathroom upgrade!